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Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast 2017
Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Developed by: Walt Disney Pictures/ Mandeville Films
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Rating: PG
Directed by: Bill Condon
    -          Emma Watson
    -          Dan Stevens
    -          Luke Evans
    -          Josh Gad
    -          Ewan McGregor
    -          Ian McKellen
Story Time:
So I grew up watching the original animated classic Beauty and the Beast and I have fond memories of that film (probably because of Disney airing it like a bazillion t
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 0 6
Game Review: Fallout New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas (2010)
Developed by: Obsidian Entertainment
Director/designer:  Josh Sawyer
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC), PS3, Xbox 360
Story Time
In case there are any newcomers to my page or anybody who’s just passing by, I’d like to play Captain Obvious for a second and say that I am a huge fan of the Fallout games, especially New Vegas (which in case you haven’t noticed, it’s kind of the main reason why I started posting here in the first place).
But I didn’t always feel this way about the game. In fact, there was a time when naïve lil’ ol’ me thought that any game that seems like a spin-off of the original series is automatically lower in terms of quality. So in the end, buying this game taught me two valuable lessons: one, never judge a book (or in this case, game) by its cover. And two, just because a game isn’t labeled the 3rd part in the series, doesn’t mean that it
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 0 6
Movie Review: Kong Skull Island
Kong: Skull Island (2017)
Developed by: Legendary Pictures/ Tencent Pictures
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
    -          Tom Hiddleston
    -          Samuel L. Jackson
    -          Brie Larson
    -          John Goodman
    -          John C. Reilly
Story Time:
I was somewhat excited going into this movie, and it is because of one reason – the 2005 King Kong movie directed by Peter Jackson was in fact the first movie that I’ve ever seen in theater. Granted I did not remember much of the mov
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 1 0
Movie Review: La La Land
La La Land (2016)
Developed by: Summit Entertainment/ Black Label Media/ TIK Films/ Imposter Pictures/ Gilbert Films/ Marc Platt Productions
Distributed by: Summit Entertainment
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Damien Chazelle
    -          Ryan Gosling
    -          Emma Stone
    -          John Legend
    -          Laura Wilder
Story Time
I love the movie Whiplash, I thought that it was one of the best movies I’ve ever watched (considering the fact that I can easily go rewatch it right now and go on to read discussion forums for hours is proof of how good it was). So I had I high hopes going into seeing this mov
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 1 2
Infinity Train FANFIC: Ep.4 - Sea You Later
“AHHH! Please, I beg you, if you still value our ‘friendship’ one bit, please for the love of god shut the hell up with that stupid trumpet of yours!” Klyde growled while covering his ears.
Respect the classics old friend, respect the classics. People these days just don’t appreciate some good ol’ Jazz music anymore.”
Oh, I appreciate good music, alright. But what you’re playing is not Jazz, it’s not even music,” said the gecko, “it’s a sound of a regurgitating cat repeatedly scratching on a gigantic porcelain plate. It’s horrible!”
Ha, you’re just mad that I am a musical genius while you’re just another tasteless plebeian. But enough about this now. What I want to know is how on earth did a 12 year old girl manage to escape a train car WHICH I specifically made to be locked up tighter than the Pharaoh’s tomb.”
“Don’t l
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 2 0
Temptation of War
The darkness appeared in the light… or was this the light that finally came after the everlasting dusk? Either way, I was grateful that it finally came to me through this plane of bloodshed and agony. Grateful as I was, a burning question was still in my mind, a question that I asked the light that finally came – where were you when the world fell apart?
How long had it been? This war… days? … No, couldn’t be it, months?  Possibly… years? How many? … Centuries? No couldn’t be… but then again… I could hardly remember my last birthday.
I’d been gone for so long, my family was probably worried sick. I promised them that I would return but… how could I? With all the bullets soaring through the sky, burning down the buildings with man’s furious weaponry. It was no man’s land out there, only a fool would think of traversing these vile ruins. Not because of fear of death or injury, no… but instead f
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 7 3
Infinity Train FANFIC: Ep.3 - Golden Claws
A redhead, a robot and a corgi traveling on a train that went on forever. It sounded absolutely ridiculous but it happened. The girl – called Tulip – although was happy that they finally managed to solve the puzzle in that desert car, still felt upset that she didn’t get to help out the gecko folks. With that said, the girl still took what Klyde ‘the Viper’ told her to heart and was determined to follow it through.
The girl looked once more at the glowing number on her hand, still stood at 49. She sighed in disappointment:
“Whelp… nothing so far. I just… I just couldn’t figure out what on earth this number means. It couldn’t have been related to all the puzzles I’ve been through, because I’ve solving like bazillion puzzles at this point.”
“It’s definitely got something to do with that monster we faced back in Corgidia,” Atticus told her, “so we find the monster, we find your answer.
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 3 4
Infinity Train FANFIC: Ep.2 - Sand People
“I spy… with my little eyes… something that is round, white and happy.”
“Oh, I know this one,” said Atticus, “Ooh, it’s on the tip of my tongue I just know it… um… err… bah, woof, I give up, I just don’t kn… wait the minute, wait the minute, I’ve figured it out! It is a head of a happy snowman, yes I’m sure of it.”
“I’m pretty sure that One-One is referring to himself, Atticus,” said Tulip.
“Oh no, he’s right,” Glad-One laughed, “I was thinking of a happy little snowman.”
“You know, I’m not even sure if you know how to play this game,” Tulip told the little bot, “you can’t just make up something out of thin air, you have to actually be able to see this object.”
“Well, I did see a happy little snowman…” Sad-One said, “In my dreams that is.”
“Wait, do robots eve
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 2 4
Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 46
17th January 2248
Dear Ace,
I found your letter in this mailbox, which I found incredibly odd. Nobody’s been crazy enough to even think about going around these areas (normal people at least). But then I read your letter and figured that you were anything but normal.
The funny thing is that I too have been going through a pretty rough time lately. I too have lost someone important. Someone whom I thought was… different. I looked up to him, he was my hero, my mentor but he’s changed, it all happened so quickly. I could hardly recognize him anymore.
And since you have so generously offered me your friendship, who am I to say no? We should talk more sometime.
They used to call me Golden Bull, but you can call me Gold.
Your new friend,
P.S. I actually found the Deathclaws’ nest, it’s over the west side of these cliffs, there’s a cave just beneath a pile of rubble and three large
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 0 0
Infinity Train FANFIC: Ep.1 - Black and White
Disclaimer/Notes: I do not own Infinity Train, nor do I own any of the characters from the original pilot. Infinity Train is a potential cartoon that belongs to the brilliant man Owen Dennis. I highly urge you to go watch the Pilot Infinity Train and support this potential show. It is on Youtube, posted on Cartoon Network's channel, it is only a mere 8 minutes and 38 seconds. This is simply something I do with the sole purpose of having fun (although if I'm being honest, the main reason is to spread awareness of this amazing pilot because I really want it to be a full series. I watched a video on Youtube that explained that I should try to share Infinity Train content as much as possible, share, draw, make fanart, cosplay, etc. Well since I can't do any of that, I figured I do the next best thing - writing.)
Anyway, I got so hyped for this series that I went ahead and make a headcanon of the first season for it. The events of this story takes place right after the pilot. It is 10
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 6 7
Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 45
“Get your filthy paws off of me you damn barbaric Neanderthals!” Arcade yelled at the top of his lungs as he was being dragged away.
They finally made it here, none of them could believe it. The one place that none of them wanted to go to. The one place that they thought they’d stay as far away as possible. And yet here they were.
Get a move on!” One of the Decani shouted, “Caesar awaits!”
They dragged them all up the hill in ropes and shackles. They had already been stripped of all weapons and potentially dangerous items in their possession. None of them were happy, least of all was Boone. He was absolutely furious actually. You could tell by the look on his face that he would rather jump off a cliff into a nest of Centaurs and have his face melted off than allow himself to be captured by the Legion. In fact, he’d already tried jumping off on several occasions during the trip to the Fort.
Ah yes, Fortification Hill – treate
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 0 0
Movie Review: Whiplash
Whiplash (2014)
Developed by: Bold Films/ Blumhouse Productions/ Right of Way Films
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Classics
Rating: R
Directed by: Damien Chazelle
    -          J.K Simmons
    -          Miles Teller
    -          Austin Stowell
    -          Nate Lang
    -          Melissa Benoist
Story Time:
I once played in a band when I was younger, it was for a local church, wasn’t anything too big. But I can tell you right away that it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Even if you memorized the whole sheet, playing in front of a live audience is alway
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 1 0
Eternal Fire
There once was a man who belonged in legends and myths. He had a story – his story – that he told any passerby who were willing to listen. Of course, nobody ever believed him, thought he was insane – he told them he was immortal.
The man came to this tavern in the middle of the woods. He would come inside and asked for some ale. The innkeeper was frightened by him, for he saw that the man carried a bright torch in his greasy palm as he walked in. He thought the man was going to burn down his tavern.
But no, it was the strangest thing. The man told the innkeeper that he was not able to put out the fire of the torch, even if he wanted to. He said that he understood the innkeeper’s dilemma therefore he only asked that the innkeeper to bring him the ale outside to the tree outside where he will sit. The innkeeper agreed.
One day, the southern cold Wind came, curious of the immortal man. The Wind approached him, hovering above the tree, leading the cold freezing gust
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 6 3
The Wires Within Our Souls
Part 1: The Scientist
“Ah, the simulation hypothesis, an interesting proposition if I do say so myself. Considering the fact that there are countless simulations in our world that are capable of creating complex worlds and scenarios. So it’s a very plausible theory if you think about it. But enough about this, let’s get back to the task at hand. Artificial Intelligence – is in a way a kind of complex simulation. The most important aspect of an artificial intelligence is not to program a machine everything there is to know, but to program it to be able to learn and evolve, and eventually it will be able to learn everything there is to know, an important distinction…”
The lesson went on for a while longer, but Professor Franklin felt a strange tension in the air. There was probably someone waiting outside the door.
“Alright… remember to do your assignments, alright class?”
“Alright, sir.”
“Goodbye, Professor.”
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 2 9
Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 30.5
*** This is a side story that takes place after they left the Strip, on their way to the signal of the Madre***

Boone was really pissed about the old Ranger. Sol wouldn’t tell them anything on why the hell they were travelling down South. He said that he wasn’t going to Caesar’s Fort and yet they were heading down towards that very direction. Sometimes Boone had trouble figuring out what was going on inside that thick head of his.
But Sol managed to distract everybody enough with small talks and Cass’s booze to get everybody to forget about even asking where they were going. They were wandering around the outskirt of the city at this point. There were a lot of abandoned old houses around this place. There was also a large NCR farm that took up most of the space around here, the rest were just empty broken down houses or houses with boarded up doors and windows.
“Okay, question…” the old ranger said while walking, “Where do
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 1 3
Movie Review: Rogue One
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Developed by: Lucasfilm
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studio
Rating: PG-13
Directed by: Gareth Edwards
    - Felicity Jones
    - Diego Luna
    - Alan Tudyk
    - Donnie Yen
    - Wen Jiang
    - Ben Mendelsohn

Story Time:
I’m going to be completely honest here, I am not exactly the biggest Star Wars fan nor am I extremely familiar with the Star Wars universe (except from the common knowledge from those films). So therefore I went into this movie with literally zero expectation, partially because I have no idea what the story is about and when it takes place and also because I was so lazy that I couldn’t be bothered to click a three minute trailer on
:iconsir-spoderman:Sir-Spoderman 3 4


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OKAY, THAT'S IT! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE. I had planned on not telling anyone about this, but at this point I just can't hold it in anymore. Here goes:


Apologies in advance if this sounds like just blatant advertising for my story, but I figure that it's just more like when a movie studio releases teaser trailers for their movies. Well it's kind of like that with the difference being that I feel like I've been releasing at least twelve dozen of these teaser trailers. And it's been building up inside me to the point now I just can't take it anymore. LMAO xD.

I've left hints all over the place, even though currently the hints might not be particularly very strong but I just thought to let people know what I'm currently cooking up.
To whom this may concern, (basically the nice way of saying "to those who cares" since I know not a lot of people read my stuff, maybe they're busy perhaps... aaand I'm getting off track.)

Anyway, I'm just writing this to announce that I'm going to start a whole new series of reviews soon. So to those who're interested (probably not a lot) basically I've been watching a lot of movies, watching a lot of shows, playing a lot of video games so I thought to myself, hey why not write reviews about them. This is mainly to help my creative juice running and also give me practice in writing (the actual reason is so that I would stop feeling butthurt about my favorite shows or games all the time xP).

There are a few criteria I'd like to mention about my reviews, though:

The first thing is that I will be reviewing mostly movies, games or shows that I've seen or experienced. Even old movies, games sometimes, so for example I will be looking at how an old movie's received by the audience back in the old days and I'll see how the movie holds up to modern standard (in my opinion of course) that way I'll try not to have nostalgia get in the way. For example the famous horror movie Psycho is an undeniable horror masterpiece back in the days however when translated to modern standards it just doesn't hold up as much as when it did back then.

The second thing is that I will also be reviewing some Anime as well. BUT I must stress the fact that I will not be reviewing ANY OF THE JAPANESE DUB in any anime. This isn't me hating on the Sub and being a Dub fanboy, but the reason is simply because that I DO NOT KNOW THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE. And cannot in good conscience give a fair review of the Sub. Because voice acting is A LOT more than just sounding like a badass. It's about the character, because these characters are people, and they should sound like real people. Because to be honest, most of the time (to me) the characters in sub just sound the same to one another, there's little variation, I can't tell if one character is a guy from the North or the South, I can't tell what's his personality and social status is like through his word choice, and worst case scenario the sub just sound like a high pitch p**nstar or an edgy teen instead of actual people. This isn't me hating on the Japanese voice actors, I know that they're probably superstars at what they do. But it's just that I do not know Japanese, I do not know their dialect, I do not know how they typically speak so I simply cannot judge them. That's why I will always choose the Dub if I have that option, even if the Dub is god awful, I will at least be able to judge on their voice acting.

Finally, one last thing. I will be categorizing Anime using the "style definition" instead of the "origin definition". And what I mean by that is that there are a lot of people who only consider Japanese animation Anime while others consider any show with a similar distinct exotic art style an anime. I'm more partial towards the latter simply because I'm a guy who believe in creativity and freedom of expression, and to think that there's an idea limiting that freedom just doesn't sit well with me. For example, I'm Vietnamese, and if I want to make Anime in a company in Vietnam, or America then I should be able to do just that and be allowed to call my creation an Anime. Imagine somebody looking through a list of recommendation for cartoons and finds an Anime there. Or if a really good Anime was produced but not many people know about it simply because many Anime recommendation lists doesn't include just because it's not from Japan.

All of this start to fall apart when you consider the fact that according to the Japanese people, Anime = Cartoons. There are no difference. Which begs the question on why do we even use the term "Anime" in the first place? Well, the answer is simple, it's to distinguish the style. We use it so that it won't confuse people, and the daily conversation won't be awkward, like this: "Hey have you seen the new cartoon Naruto?" or "Hey, I heard the new anime Spongebob is really good." It's technically correct, it's just really awkward.

So that's why I'll be categorizing my Anime review using the "style definition", so expect to see some non-Japanese stuff like RWBY or Avatar in my Anime section.

With that butthurt rant out of the way, I hope I didn't scare all of you away and I hope y'all stick around to hear what I have to say (or don't, it's your choice, obviously. Can't force ya)
All Chapters
Prologue: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier Prologue
Chapter 01: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 1
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Chapter 03: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 3
Chapter 04: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 4
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Chapter 06: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 6
Chapter 07: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 7
Chapter 08: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 8
Chapter 09: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 9
Chapter 10: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 10
Chapter 11: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 11
Chapter 12: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 12
Chapter 13: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 13
Chapter 14: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 14
Chapter 15: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 15
Chapter 16: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 16
Chapter 17: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 17
Chapter 18: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 18
Chapter 19: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 19
Chapter 20: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 20
Chapter 21: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 21
Chapter 22: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 22
Chapter 23: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 23
Chapter 24: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 24
Chapter 25: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 25
Chapter 26: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 26
Chapter 27: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 27
Chapter 28: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 28
Chapter 28.5: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 28.5
Chapter 29: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 29
Chapter 30: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 30
Chapter 30.5: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 30.5

The City of Gold:
Chapter 31: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 31
Chapter 32: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 32
Chapter 33: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 33
Chapter 34: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 34
Chapter 35: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 35
Chapter 36: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 36
Chapter 37: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 37
Chapter 38: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 38
Chapter 39: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 39
Chapter 40: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold chpt 40
ENDING: Fallout NV fanfic: The City of Gold ENDING

Chapter 41: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 41
Chapter 42: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 42
Chapter 43: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 43
Chapter 44: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 44
Chapter 45: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 45
Chapter 46: Fallout NV fanfic: Old Man Courier chpt 46


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